genealogy of the thacker forest
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Collin County, Texas



Latitude: 33.1795213, Longitude: -96.4929797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Thacker, Asa K.  4 Mar 1875Collin County, Texas I235
2 Thacker, Benjamin Franklin  3 Jan 1857Collin County, Texas I236
3 Thacker, Berilla Grace  28 Jan 1875Collin County, Texas I48
4 Thacker, Catherine Elizabeth Eleanor  28 Oct 1865Collin County, Texas I51
5 Thacker, Cora Alice  27 Oct 1878Collin County, Texas I49
6 Thacker, Elijah Morgan  Nov 1873Collin County, Texas I445
7 Thacker, Flora Ann  Abt 1865Collin County, Texas I497
8 Thacker, James M(organ?)  Jan 1860Collin County, Texas I374
9 Thacker, Julia Holmes  29 Apr 1877Collin County, Texas I369
10 Thacker, Mahala Catherine  Abt 1863Collin County, Texas I124
11 Thacker, Margaret Antoinette  09 Jul 1868Collin County, Texas I176
12 Thacker, Mariah Frances  15 Feb 1874Collin County, Texas I174
13 Thacker, Martha Jane  23 Apr 1872Collin County, Texas I173
14 Thacker, Mary Jane  20 Dec 1862Collin County, Texas I179
15 Thacker, Narcissa Irvaline  28 Aug 1872Collin County, Texas I539
16 Thacker, William David  17 May 1870Collin County, Texas I381
17 Thacker, William Morgan  11 Aug 1887Collin County, Texas I783


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Elizabeth Roxanna  1893Collin County, Texas I631
2 Hendricks, George McDuffy  09 Feb 1915Collin County, Texas I304
3 Noles, Mary Geneva  10 Jan 1997Collin County, Texas I777
4 Thacker, George Washington  Abt 1886Collin County, Texas I496


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Thacker, George Washington  17 Aug 1860Collin County, Texas I496
2 Thacker, George Washington  21 Jul 1870Collin County, Texas I496
3 Thacker, James Riley  21 Jul 1870Collin County, Texas I371
4 Thacker, William Washington  17 Aug 1860Collin County, Texas I384
5 Thacker, William Washington  21 Jul 1870Collin County, Texas I384


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Branam, Sarah J.  1860Collin County, Texas I513
2 Branam, Sarah J.  1880Collin County, Texas I513
3 Hendrick, Liddy  1880Collin County, Texas I310
4 Hendricks, George McDuffy  1870Collin County, Texas I304
5 Hendricks, George McDuffy  1880Collin County, Texas I304
6 Hendricks, James L  1880Collin County, Texas I303
7 Hendricks, John Washington  1880Collin County, Texas I305
8 Hendricks, Lorena  1880Collin County, Texas I312
9 Hendricks, Martha Jane  1920Collin County, Texas I78
10 Hendricks, Nancy  1880Collin County, Texas I80
11 Hendricks, Pearl  1880Collin County, Texas I75
12 Hendricks, Robert  1880Collin County, Texas I76
13 Hendricks, Sally  1880Collin County, Texas I82
14 Thacker, Ann Elizabeth  1880Collin County, Texas I242
15 Thacker, Ann Elizabeth  1920Collin County, Texas I242
16 Thacker, Asa K.  1880Collin County, Texas I235
17 Thacker, Benjamin Franklin  1880Collin County, Texas I236
18 Thacker, Em  1880Collin County, Texas I437
19 Thacker, Flora Ann  1880Collin County, Texas I497
20 Thacker, George Washington  1880Collin County, Texas I501
21 Thacker, James M(organ?)  1880Collin County, Texas I374
22 Thacker, Julia Holmes  1880Collin County, Texas I369
23 Thacker, Mahala Catherine  1880Collin County, Texas I124
24 Thacker, Mary L.  1880Collin County, Texas I178
25 Thacker, William Henry  1880Collin County, Texas I379


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Binion / Thacker  20 Jun 1933Collin County, Texas F395
2 Brown / Thacker  19 Jun 1925Collin County, Texas F393
3 Combest / Hendricks  1894Collin County, Texas F72
4 Cook / Thacker  28 Dec 1929Collin County, Texas F394
5 Cook / Thacker  13 Sep 1935Collin County, Texas F396
6 Kever / Combest  Jun 1921Collin County, Texas F236
7 Madding / Thacker  21 Dec 1899Collin County, Texas F378
8 Mound / Thacker  8 Nov 1883Collin County, Texas F375
9 Ropollo / Thacker  15 Jan 1938Collin County, Texas F399
10 Sawyers / Thacker  26 Feb 1938Collin County, Texas F373
11 Thacker / Bly  4 Oct 1935Collin County, Texas F397
12 Thacker / Branam  29 Sep 1858Collin County, Texas F101
13 Thacker / Cochran  3 Aug 1936Collin County, Texas F398
14 Thacker / Hampton  21 Jul 1856Collin County, Texas F84
15 Thacker / McCallum  13 Jul 1886Collin County, Texas F247
16 Thacker / Meeks  6 Jul 1938Collin County, Texas F249
17 Thacker / Nyssen  19 Nov 1892Collin County, Texas F377
18 Thacker / Quinn  31 Jan 1886Collin County, Texas F376
19 Thacker / Stubblefield  08 Nov 1876Collin County, Texas F14
20 Webster / Thacker  24 Sep 1883Collin County, Texas F374